CIT is a private booking and management company for artists whom we believe have national and worldwide appeal. CIT works with one or two new artists every few years and provides management, booking and concert support services for these special artists while they build exceptional creative lives.

We represent artists whom we feel have unique talents and the discipline required to build long term careers in the music and performing arts industries. Our artists have demonstrated their potential by writing and producing material that communicates and resonates with a global music community and can be embraced easily by a wide range of audiences. CIT artists have built impressive touring schedules and play a wide range of music venues while building a loyal and ever-expanding fan base; CIT artists are socially involved and maintain a high level of visibility in the industry.

Additionally, we provide a full range of marketing and music support services to help our artists reach their long term goals which may include label representation, distribution and packaging agreements as well as tour management. We are not exclusive represenatives for any artist and we support the free flow of ideas and opportunities from a variety of sources. We work with artists on a basis of trust, shared vision and our ability to bring them industry wide recognition for their efforts.
CIT does not solicit new artists; our staff is committed to building an environment where our artists can realize the full measure of their potential in music, film, letters and visual creative, and we may work with our artists for their entire careers.

Tim Rogers, Lange Whitmeyer

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